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Turbo Intercooler & Hybrid Ulez ok

Now UK registered with logbook.

Suzuki Hustler 650cc Turbo Intercooler Hybrid 

63 bhp Turbo engine, 2hp Electric generator ISG.

3995mm Length, 1475mm Width and 1665mm height

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The 2014 Suzuki Hustler 650cc Kei car is a distinctive and robust vehicle that exudes the rugged charm of a mini Hummer. With **58,000 miles** on the clock, it's a proven performer that offers **comfort**, **reliability**, and **flexibility**. This automatic Kei car is **fully loaded** with features like **air conditioning** and **airbags**, enhancing both convenience and safety¹. Its compact size belies a spacious and versatile interior, making it ideal for both city driving and weekend adventures. The Hustler stands out for its economical operation without sacrificing the quality and durability associated with the Suzuki brand¹².

Suzuki Hustler 650cc Turbo Hybrid

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