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The Honda Nbox 650cc Keicar, particularly the special edition Nbox Custom, is a marvel of compact efficiency and design. It offers an **exceptionally spacious interior** within its compact dimensions, providing a comfortable and airy cabin experience¹. The Nbox Custom elevates convenience with **electric sliding doors on both sides**, making entry and exit effortless in tight urban spaces². Safety is a hallmark of Honda, and this Keicar is no exception, integrating advanced safety features for peace of mind¹. The Nbox Custom's **reliability** is backed by Honda's reputation, ensuring a dependable and durable vehicle choice¹. This special edition combines practicality with the unique charm of a Keicar, making it an attractive option for city dwellers seeking a smart, reliable, and feature-packed car.

Honda Nbox Custom

7 499,00£ Prix original
5 999,20£Prix promotionnel
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