As a leading UK broker we’re able to secure the best finance available on the market to suit your requirements. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Pegasus Finance’s free service ensures you get the best advice and exclusive rates for your next dream purchase.

Governed by the Financial Conduct Authority, Pegasus Finance provide a range of flexible finance options to suit any needs – this includes home improvement, debt consolidation, classic cars and loans for big purchases.

While some finance companies might be wary of offering personal finance to individuals and businesses, our team of experts go the extra mile to ensure we’re able to help customers – regardless of their circumstances. Our competitive rates and speed of service have seen us attract repeat business time and again.

Our team of experts are all highly trained and are registered with the FCA. This means Pegasus Finance is fully equipped and authorised to offer affordable loans to individuals and businesses.


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Extended Guarantee

We offer 6 months guarantee as standard on all car purchases.

Jevic Certificate

Jevic Certification is done is a way where highly trained Japanese technicians go behind the dash to see any signs of tampering or fingerprints. 

Only then, upon full inspection a vehicle mileage guarantee is provided.

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